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Arts and Wisdom Kids

Arts and Wisdom Kids Classes

This 2.5 hour Arts and Wisdom Kids classes were inspired by our T.V legend Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Some of the current situations happening in our daily lives such as COVID, children and family facing difficulties, mainstream news narrative, divorce, death and other challenges will be addressed. Arts and communication skills will play a big role in the meetings along with other proactive methods on how to self regulate and reduce stresses brought on from daily challenges. Methods included are guided meditation, breathing and awareness techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique.
Each meeting will start with a talking circle followed by a guided meditation, breath work and finishing the meeting with an art project of the day!
$110 for a private session, $55 for group session
Fee includes art materials.

Let’s Talk About This Crazy World

For High School and College Students

4:00pm, Friday 27th of August, 2021
Private Zoom Meeting
Free Event

Are you feeling confused, sad, anger, oppressed and nothing seems normal to you? If the answer is ‘Yes’, perhaps you may want to join our private zoom meeting on this Friday.

For registration, email:
Welcome to those who wish to meet others who are also feeling the same way.
A safe place for you to talk about what the hell is going on with our world today and how you feel about your daily challenges.
Learn about techniques and methods to deal with these crazy time and situations.
Hosted by Chyna Grace Wu, MA
Grief Specialist & Education