Loss and Grief

Grief has a multidimensional impact on the human body and consciousness. It stems from loss, which can be from many sources. Death, divorce, illness, injury, or even losing one’s job, or home are just a few examples of types of loss. The impact of grief can disharmonize your daily life.  Going through grief could affect your cognitive, physical, spiritual, social, and financial well being. 

Unresolved grief and prolonged grief can manifest as a type of illness in the body. If people do not know how to transform or help themselves during periods of grief, their lives could feel like a tree with no roots, or a house with no roof.  People can feel the constant threat of instability, vulnerability, and fear of collapsing in any given moment. However, through education, there is hope to fully live life again!

Available Services- All Initial Sessions are 90 minutes in duration. 

All Subsequent Sessions are 45 minutes in duration.

One-On-One: Grief Support Private Session (By appointment only) Fee $200 for the first initial session, $100 for all subsequent session, Skype session upon request.

Please call for free consultation.

This one on one private grief support session is for those who wish to work with a grief specialist during the period of loss. Client may need to come once a week at the beginning of the process, then may gradually only need to come in every two weeks. Grief support is not like most other counseling that requires long term counseling support. Grief support is a healing process that requires individuals to work through the different stages of processing grief. My job is to help my client to move forward when things seems stuck and feel paralyzed. Client will be assigned homework, learning materials, and healing methods on how to handle daily challenges.

Please bring a photo of a loved one at the first session. 48 hours cancellation policy required. 

Note: Please be advise that working through grief is a difficult task, you may feel worse before you feel better. However, please know that it is possible to live life again, and I will be here to support you through this process. 

Six Weeks Transformational Grief Support Group 1.5 hour (Loss of a loved one ) $180

Private Committed Group

Please call for free consultation before attending to the group.

(Please go to the Event page for the Summer and Winter schedule)

In this six weeks grief support group, you will learn about the impact of grief and to identify your grief symptoms and different methods to deal with the roller coaster emotions. It is a grief support group that is not only focused on the death of the loved one and grief, but also covers  the topic of the secondary losses (self identity, financial and social situation after the loss of a loved one). You will be participating in group activities, assigned with homework and learning materials.

Please prepare yourself to come on time, once the group begins the door will be closed.
We encourage you to come early and sit through the whole session, which is 90 minutes, therefore, please prepare yourself to attend for the full session.

Please bring a picture of your loved one at the first session.

Family Grief Support (One-time or Ongoing Support Family of 2-5 people), Skype session upon request.

90-120 Minutes per session
First Session $400, Subsequent Sessions $200
Home Visit Initial Session $600, Subsequent Sessions $300
Please call for free consultation. 

Although the family is considered a single unit, each member within the family may grieve differently. The situation becomes more complicated in families with divorce and second marriages. Not only are there parents and children, but also stepparents and stepchildren, each one having a unique relationship to the deceased and a unique grieving process.

Age and gender of siblings affect the role playing after death of a parent. The oldest child may, unfortunately, be forced into unexpected responsibilities based on gender basis. Many difficulties can arise as surviving members experience burnout. They may feel resentment or unfair treatment from other members when all the responsibilities fall on one or a couple of individuals. Memories of dying process may trigger an unpredictable range of emotions. Anger, sadness or confusion, only a few, making the grieving process especially difficult. Handling the death of a loved one in a family requires an open flow of communication and extended patience.

During a family grief support session, members are given the opportunity to experience how everyone grieves differently. They will learn to speak compassionately, form a rapport with each other, thus creating their own support group. Strategies to avoid burnout, handling crisis and caring for oneself are discussed. Resources that support caregivers are also available.

Sliding scale upon request.